Diversity and Advocacy Committee

The Diversity and Advocacy Committee advocates for the inclusion of graduate student voices to discussions on campus about diversity and inclusiveness.

Graduate Professional Council Liaison

Graduate Professional Council (GPC) Liaisons attend meetings of the GPC – the university-wide body representing graduate and professional students. Liaisons interact with the GPC Community Service Committee, and are voting representatives of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences on the Graduate Professional Council.

Graduate Research Symposium Committee

The annual Graduate Research Symposium is one of the GSS’ signature events. Graduate and professional students have the opportunity to present research posters to a broad audience and receive feedback on their presentations, including cash prize awards.

Graduate Student Health Committee

The Graduate Student Health Committee addresses issues relating to graduate student health: mental health, physical, and campus facility use. Members attend monthly Graduate Student Health Advisory Committee (GSHAC) meetings to voice graduate student concerns.

Legislative Concerns Committee

The Legislative Concerns Committee organizes workshops to inform and engage graduate students about legislative and government actions pertinent to academia and graduate students. They coordinate with the Graduate Professional Council to share information and events from the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS).

Library Advisory Liaison

The Library Liaison acts as intermediary between the Graduate Student Senate and the Vice Provost and University Librarian. The Library Liaison attends library advisory meetings to advocate for graduate student needs in WashU libraries.

Off-Campus Housing Committee

The Off-Campus Housing Committee addresses issues relating to graduate student housing needs through WashU-operated Quadrangle and in the greater St. Louis community.

Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards Committee

The Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards is one of the GSS’ signature events. It provides graduate students an opportunity to nominate and recognize influential mentors and staff; recipients of the award are recognized in an annual ceremony in April.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee organizes events in conjunction with the Writing Center and GradCareers to help graduate students develop professional skills and explore career opportunities.

Committee on Interpersonal and Sexual Violence Prevention Through Advocacy

The Committee on Interpersonal and Sexual Violence Prevention Through Advocacy raises awareness about the unique and specific needs of graduate students at WU concerning sexual assault, harassment, and relationship and intimate partner violence.

Strategic Action Plan Editing Group

The Strategic Action Plan Editing Group compiles and edits the annual Graduate Student Senate Strategic Action Plan with input from committee chairs, which is presented annually to the Graduate School as the long-term vision and goals of the Graduate Student Senate.

Teaching Center Graduate Student Advisory Council Liaison

Liaisons to the Teaching Center’s Graduate Student Advisory Council give input to Teaching Center programming aimed at graduate students and organize monthly teaching-related discussions for graduate students.